(active 1419-1435)

Monument to the Blessed Pacifico

Marble and terracotta
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice

On the end wall of the right transept in the church of Frari is the monument to the Blessed Pacifico of the Friars minor. It was built by the order of the Senator Scipione Bon, friend to the friars, for himself, but he then donated it to the Friar. He was buried in the ground beneath the monument which is in terracotta with the sarcophagus in marble.

On the front of the sarcophagus in three little niches are the three theological virtues, and in the middle Christ's descent into Limbo and the Resurrection. On the outer sides of the sarcophagus are Justice and Temperance.

In the upper lunette is the Baptism of Christ. Two corbels embellished with the Bon coat of arms support an arch with rich foliage in the midst of which are angels playing music. At the summit of the arch is the Virgin with Child.

The attribution of the monument to Piero di Niccolò Lamberti is debated, it is also attibuted to Nanni di Bartolo.

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