(active 1419-1435)


Marble, height 189 cm
Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence

In 1421-22 Nanni collaborated with Donatello on the group of Abraham and Isaac (Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence) for the east side of the campanile. Donatello's strong artistic personality inspired a change in Nanni's style, which is visible in his only signed Florentine work, the Obadiah, originally on the west side of the campanile.

The youthful prophet is well characterized, and his movement graceful and balanced, but the figure lacks Donatello's dramatic power. The head of Obadiah is Donatellesque, but the loosely swathed drapery conforms to a type that Nanni himself deployed in a series of works, of which the the Madonna and Child now in the Ognissanti in Florence is characteristic; this style is preserved in the three statues above the Tolentino doorway.

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