NATTIER, French family of painters and draughtsmen

Marc Nattier (1642-1705) was a painter who specialized in portraits and was married to the miniature painter Marie Nattier [née Courtois] (c. 1655-1703). He had a royal licence to reproduce Rubens's famous cycle of paintings the History of Marie de' Medici (Paris, Louvre), then in the Palais du Luxembourg, Paris. Before he died, Marc made the licence over to his sons, Jean-Baptiste Nattier and Jean-Marc Nattier, who produced a series of drawings after it for some of the foremost engravers of the day, including Gérard Edelinck, Bernard Picart and Gaspard Duchange. The drawings appeared in 1710 under the title La Galerie du Palais du Luxembourg. Both painters subsequently worked as history painters, as had been their father's intention, but Jean-Marc is best known for his fashionable portraits.

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