NEUMANN, Balthasar
(b. 1687, Eger, Bohemia, d. 1753, Würzburg)

Interior view

Residenz, Würzburg

The staircase hall in the Residenz as it was finally executed was as Neumann originally conceived it. In his initial plan, he had provided for a small double staircase. It was only in 1735 that he finally decided on his "theatre of light" solution: the free-standing double staircase is set in the staircase hall, and runs straight up in a shallow rise towards the ceiling; it then turns in the opposite direction, swinging further up into the space beneath the surmounting vault.

The ceiling vault was frescoed by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo in 1752-53, following the completion of the fresco decoration in the Imperial Hall in 1752.

The picture shows the view of the stairwell.

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