NEUMANN, Balthasar
(b. 1687, Eger, Bohemia, d. 1753, Würzburg)

Interior view

Pilgrimage church, Vierzehnheiligen

During the same period that Neumann was working on the Trinity church in Gaibach, Neumann also developed a plan for the pilgrimage church at Vierzehnheiligen. The design that he had successfully introduced into the Trinity church, in particular the fusion of different sections into a dynamic and light interior layout, he brought to perfection in Vierzehnheiligen. The nave is formed by three large ovals with circular transepts; it projects into the choir and is set off only by circular side chapels or aisle chapels.

Neumann placed the spiritual focus - the pilgrim's altar of grace - at the centre of the church, about halfway between the entrance and the altar. Thus the external basilica form is transformed into a centralized plan in the interior.

The picture shows the altar of grace.

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