NUZI, Allegretto
(b. ca. 1318, Fabriano, d. ca. 1373, Fabriano)

Sts Catherine and Bartholomew

c. 1350
Egg tempera on wood, 83 x 51 cm
National Gallery, London

This panel is attributed to Allegretto Nuzi with the possible collaboration with Francescuccio Ghissi who worked in the Nuzi's workshop. It was part of an altarpiece designed by Nuzi. Stylistically, iconographically and in decorative vocabulary it is heavily indebted to Bernardo Daddi.

St Catherine wears a patterned robe and a crown. She carries a decorated book and rest her hand on the spiked will on which she was tortured. St Bartholomew wears a patterned mantle, and carries the knife with which he was flayed alive and a book.

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