(b. ca. 1500, Lodi, d. ca. 1561, Lodi)

St Catherine of Alexandria

around 1540
Oil on panel, 66,6 x 51 cm
Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome

The painting, once attributed by Berenson to Piero, was originally a round panel. Traces of the former round edge are visible in the bottom corners, though the picture was later adapted to fit a rectangular frame. The panel is cryptically signed with the initials "C P L F", which was correctly understood to mean "Calistus de Platea Laudendis fecit". Dated to between the late 1530's and early 1540's, this picture shows the influence of Lombard and Leonardesque currents, which Callisto unites with references to the art of Raphael's Florentine period. The Florentine influences are particularly notable considering that Callisto's city of Lodi was a centre of Lombard painting at the time.

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