(b. ca. 1454, Perugia, d. 1513, Siena)

No. 4: Homage to Pope Eugenius IV in the Name of Emperor Frederick III

Piccolomini Library, Duomo, Siena

There is a distinct break in the narrative before the fourth scene. In 1445 Piccolomini suffered a major spiritual crisis, and he turned away from his secular way of life. He became interested in effecting some kind of compromise between the emperor and the pope. Frederick III sent him to the papal court to urge Eugenius IV to convene a new council, and Piccolomini took that opportunity to beg the pope to forgive him for having strayed from the faith. The pope is seated on an elevated throne, flanked by cardinals. Enea Silvio, dressed in a splendid gold robe, has thrown himself at his feet. In the background in the portico on the left, there is an additional scene: the rueful Enea Silvio is consecrated as a priest.

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