(b. ca. 1315, Pisa, d. ca. 1368, Pisa)

Funeral monument of Archbishop Simone Salterelli

Santa Caterina, Pisa

Around 1342-45 Nino Pisano made the tomb of Simone Saltarelli, Archbishop of Pisa, in Santa Caterina, Pisa. The statues of this monument are closely related to those by him in Florence, the figures remaining imprisoned within the boundaries of the block of marble from which they were carved. The sarcophagus reliefs, with their frieze-like compositions of paired figures, indicate that Nino was open to the influence of Sienese and ultimately French Gothic sculpture.

One of the most splendid achievements of Andrea and Nino Pisano is the lucid tomb of Archbishop Simone Saltarelli (1261-1342). It was commissioned from Andrea, but was executed by Nino and his shop. The effigy is concealed behind spiral columns, and the predella shows three scenes from Saltarelli's life. These elements are in striking contrast to the fragile tabernacle at the top, where the Virgin and Child and two angels are framed in narrow archways of disproportionate height.

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