QUERCIA, Jacopo della
(b. ca. 1367, Quercia Grossa, d. 1438, Siena)

Design for the Fonte Gaia (fragment)

c. 1415
Pen and ink on vellum, 153 x 228 mm
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The documents about the Fonte Gaia commission (preserved in the Archivio di Stato of Siena) confirm that drawings produced by Jacopo della Quercia served an important legal purpose, allowing the patrons to discuss and approve the state of the fountain as it progressed. Two drawing fragments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum, attributed to Jacopo della Quercia, are related to this commission. They pertain to the left and right portions of the Fonte Gaia, and originally constituted a large, very detailed single drawing on vellum of which the central portion is lost.

The fragment in London is a design for the right side of the Fonte Gaia. The fragment includes the figures of Justitia, Humilitas and Prudentia.

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