QUERCIA, Jacopo della
(b. ca. 1367, Quercia Grossa, d. 1438, Siena)

Main portal: reliefs on the left lateral support

Istrian stone
San Petronio, Bologna

The main sculptural features of the portal are three figures in the lunette above the entrance (of which only two, the Virgin and Child and San Petronio, are by Quercia), five upright scenes from the Genesis on each of the lateral supports, and five oblong scenes from the life of Christ running across the lintel.

The five scenes on the left lateral support are, from top to bottom, the (i) Creation of Adam, (ii) Creation of Eve, (iii) Original Sin, (iv) Expulsion from Paradise and (v) Work of the Ancestors.

As a group, the Old Testament panels are carved in lower relief than those in the lintel and are higher rather than wider, thus allowing the heroic nude figure to dominate the relief field. Although relatively small in size, Jacopo's figures give the impression of monumentality.

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