(b. 1611, Roma, d. 1691, Roma)

Santa Maria in Campitelli: Façade

Piazza di Campitelli, Rome

The church of Santa Maria in Campitelli or Santa Maria in Portico, designed by Carlo Rainaldi, has a travertine façade with large columns against (but not attached to) it, thus giving it strong vertical lines. The original design included statues which were, however, never executed.

The ground plan of the church contains a number of interesting features. The longitudinal nave, to which the domed sanctuary is attached, opens in the centre into large chapels placed between smaller chapels. The chapels are given prominence by virtue of their decoration with free-standing columns and by the gilded decoration of the arches. By contrast, the nave is uniformly white and has only pilasters.

View the ground plan of Santa Maria in Campitelli, Rome.

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