(b. 1483, Urbino, d. 1520, Roma)

The Loggetta of Cardinal Bibbiena

Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican

After the decoration of the Loggia, Raphael's pupils later reaffirmed their interest in classical antiquity and its interpretation in the decoration of the Loggetta, a small porch adjacent to the Stufetta, or bath room, of Cardinal Bibbiena. The decorative program consisted of grotesque figures and of scenes from the Apollo myth. Only two of the three original paintings have been preserved. The scholar, Regid de Campos, reconstructed the third scene, whose theme was almost certainly the Flaying of Marsyas. The other two scenes represent Olympus praying to Apollo, and Apollo and Marsyas. Architectural structures, animals, winged cherubs and false niches containing reproductions of statues (which Regid de Campos has identified as the Seasons) - similar to those which appear in Roman wall paintings - accompany the three scenes. This refined decorative complex was the logical completion of the Logge and the last reflection of the classical tendencies of art at the court of Leo X.

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