ROBBIA, Luca della
(b. 1399/1400, Firenze, d. 1482, Firenze)

Apostle Andrew

Tin-glazed terracotta, diameter 134 cm
Pazzi Chapel, Santa Croce, Florence

From the mid-15th century, Luca worked almost exclusively in tin-glazed terracotta, collaborating with his nephew Andrea della Robbia. These works were rapidly successful throughout Europe, in part because of their moderate cost and ease of transport (they could be sent disassembled). One of the most important works in tin-glazed terracotta is the decoration of the Pazzi Chapel in Santa Croce (1445-70), comprising 12 roundels with Apostles, some attributable to Andrea della Robbia, four reliefs with the Evangelists (by another hand) and the ceiling of the small cupola in the portico.

The picture shows Andrew, one of the 12 medallions decorating the interior of the Pazzi Chapel.

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