(b. ca. 1724, Paris, d. 1793, Paris)

Still-Life with Basket of Grapes and Bottle of Wine

Oil on canvas, 33 x 41 cm
Private collection

When creating intimate still-lifes of fruit and nuts, this painter's style closely approaches the classical simplicity of the late works of Chardin. In the present still-life, which may have been intended as part of a set of four canvases, the basket, overflowing with plump, sweet white grapes with a small bunch of black grapes to right and left, has been shifted slightly in position, being balanced by a tall green glass bottle, three-quarters full of wine placed firmly on the left. The profiles of the two plump ripe pears laid between the left and right elements have been lowered to open the central space. The painting illustrates Roland's highly developed skills and explain how, at his best, he has been confused with Chardin.

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