ROSSELLINO, Italian family of sculptors (brothers)

The brothers Bernardo Rossellino and Antonio Rossellino were responsible for some of the most important sculptural projects in Florence between 1440 and 1470. Although both artists are now referred to as Rossellino ('little redhead'), this nickname was applied specifically to Antonio; the family name used by both brothers in documents is Gamberelli. By 1399 their father, Matteo Gamberelli, was living in Settignano, where his five sons were born. Matteo and his brothers were masons, and all his sons were trained as such. The eldest son, Domenico Gamberelli (b. ca. 1402–05), was approximately five years older than Bernardo; Giovanni Gamberelli was born in 1412 or 1413 and Tomaso Gamberelli sometime between 1415 and 1422. Antonio was the youngest. It is generally presumed that all five brothers usually worked together under the management of Bernardo. Some time after 1451 responsibility for the sculptural output from the Rossellino workshop passed to Antonio, largely because Bernardo became increasingly engaged on architectural commissions.

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