ROSSELLI, Italian family of artists

The family was active in Florence during the 15th and 16th centuries. The brothers Jacopo Rosselli (b. 1389) and Lorenzo Rosselli (b. 1390), sons of Filippo Rosselli, were both masons. Jacopo's descendants, with the exception of his grandson, the painter Bernardo Rosselli (1450–1526), all became masons and/or architects. Lorenzo's descendants, however, mostly became painters, a field in which his sons Cosimo Rosselli and Francesco Rosselli became famous. Cosimo's son Giuliano Rosselli (b. 1471) was an architect and Francesco's son Alessandro Rosselli (d. 1525) was a printer and poet. The presence of other families in Florence at the same time, with the same name and also active as artists has led to some confusion.

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