ROTA, Martino
(b. ca. 1520, Sebenico, Dalmatia, d. 1583, Wien)

Emperor Rudolf II in Armour

Oil on canvas, 51 x 42 cm
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Martino Rota (actually Martin Koluniæ) served as the court painter for Maximilian II since 1568, especially for portraits. Rudolf II acknowledged him in this role in 1576, when he appeared as graphic artist, painter and draftsman for medals.

The portrait of Rudolf II, belonging to a series of busts of the emperor and his younger brothers, after his crowning following the death of his father, Maximilian II. These busts were smaller versions of larger and more representative portraits.

All busts in the group are attributed to Martino Rota due to their similarities with a signed engraving, dated 1577.

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