ROUSSEAUX, Jacques de
French painter (b. ca. 1600, Tourcoing, d. 1638, Leiden)
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Lute Player Accompanying an Old Man Holding a Musical Score
Oil on canvas, 122 x 101 cm
Private collection

Rousseaux is thought to have spent some time under Rembrandt's tutelage around 1628, and like his fellow pupils such as Gerrit Dou, Ferdinand Bol and Isaak de Jouderville, he learnt to almost perfectly repeat his master's character heads, called tronies, and came so close in reproducing Rembrandt's tonality, chromatics, and his sitters' meditative moods that modern scholarship continually faced the difficult task of separating the works of Rembrandt from those of his skilled pupils. Such was the connection to Rembrandt that the old man holding the music score is the so-called father of Rembrandt, a Leiden model who was used in the years around 1629-31 by both Rembrandt and Jan Lievens (see for example the Bust of an Old Man in a Fur Cap).

Portrait of a Man
Oil on oak panel, 51 x 40 cm
Private collection

Violinist Singing
Oil on canvas, 95 x 80 cm
Private collection

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