SANGALLO, da, Italian family of architects/sculptors

Francesco Giamberti (140480) was a woodworker active in the artistic circle around the Medici family in Florence in the 15th century. He was also put in charge of the education of Giulio de' Medici, the future Pope Clement VII. From Francesco descended two generations of important artists, who took the name 'da Sangallo' from his property near the San Gallo gate in Florence. Giuliano da Sangallo ran a woodworking shop with his brother Antonio da Sangallo I. Their sister Maddalena Giamberti was the mother of Bastiano da Sangallo and of Giovan Francesco da Sangallo. Another sister, Smeralda Giamberti, married Bartolomeo di Antonio di Meo Cordiani, a cooper, and was the mother of Antonio da Sangallo II and Battista da Sangallo, who worked closely together on some projects. Francesco da Sangallo was the son of Giuliano. Bastiano, Antonio II, Giovan Francesco, Francesco and Battista were all members of the group of artists labelled by Vasari the Setta Sangallesca, along with Antonio Labacco, Pietro di Giacomo Rosselli and others.

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