SCAMOZZI, Vincenzo
(b. 1548, Vicenza, d. 1616, Venezia)

Villa Pisani


The Villa Pisani (called "La Rocca Pisana") in Lonigo (Vicenza) was started in 1576 by Vincenzo Scamozzi. It stands alone on a gently rising hill like the Rotonda by Palladio by which the design was clearly influenced. It uses an octagonal drum and saucer-shaped dome and single central Venetian windows on the side elevations and chimneys in the shape of obelisks, the latter a later addition.

Scamozzi published his villa design along with an imaginary reconstruction of the Pliny's Roman villa at Laurentinum. It would appear that the circular courtyard of the Roman structure also played a part in influencing Scamozzi's design, just as the Villa Rotonda had done.

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