SELVA, Giovanni Antonio
(b. 1751, Venezia, d. 1819, Venezia)

Exterior view

Chiesa di San Maurizio, Venice

San Maurizio is a Neoclassical-style, deconsecrated church located in the Campo San Maurizio in the sestiere of San Marco in Venice. A church was present at the site before the first reconstruction in the 16th century. A further reconstruction took place in 1806 by the Neoclassical architect Giovanni Antonio Selva. It once housed a studio of a young Antonio Canova. Near the church was built the scuola degli Albanesi. The present structure is mainly a design of Selva.

The church now houses the Museo della Musica, the museum of Baroque instruments, composers, and the music of Venice. It features period instruments, and documents, including exhibits on Antonio Vivaldi, but also documents on Amati, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, and Francesco and Matteo Goffriller.

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