SEROV, Valentin
(b. 1865, St. Petersburg, d. 1911, Moscow)

Portrait of Count Feliks Feliksovich Sumarokov-Yelstov

Oil on canvas, 89 x 72 cm
State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Count Feliks Feliksovich Sumarokov-Yelstov (1887-1967) was the later Prince Yusupov, the Russian nobleman who arranged the murder in 1916 of the Tsar and Tsarina's close adviser, the 'holy man' Grigory Rasputin. As a young man he married Irina Romanov, the niece of Tsar Nicholas II. Like many members of the Royal Court, Yusupov objected to the influence that Grigory Rasputin had over the Tsar and his wife, Alexandra Fedorovna.

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