(b. 1869, Milano, d. 1917, Milano)

Mausoleo Faccanoni

Via Suardo, Sarnico, Bergamo

Before the construction of the mausoleum, the cemetery of Sarnico was modest, square in shape, surrounded by a wall and equipped with a small church and a mortuary. When building the mausoleum, the Faccanoni brothers intended to give a more dignified aspect to the local cemetery. They proposed to the authorities to demolish the small church and the mortuary and offered to build a mausoleum which, in addition to the tombs for their families, contained a new church, a chapel and a mortuary more suitable for the new arrangement. For this purpose, they also offered land adjacent to the cemetery on which to erect the new building.

View the plan of the Mausoleo Faccanoni, Sarnico.

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