(b. 1869, Milano, d. 1917, Milano)

Villa Giuseppe Faccanoni

Via Vittorio Veneto 56, Sarnico, Bergamo

Villa Giuseppe Faccanoni is located in Sarnico, built in Liberty style in 1907 by the architect Giuseppe Sommaruga for the entrepreneur Giuseppe Faccanoni. In Sarnico, Sommaruga built two other villas for the Faccanoni brothers: Villa Pietro Faccanoni (now Passeri) and Villa Luigi Faccanoni. The Villa Giuseppe Faccanoni, built on the shores of Lake Iseo, is the most beautiful and best-known villa of the three.

The main view, seen from the lake, is composed of a high basement, stairways, windows and balconies in an asymmetrical perspective decorated by two rows of concrete bas-reliefs and pastel-coloured ceramics. Terraces in the large Mannerist garden give the villa form of a ship standing out on the lake.

Due to the German occupation during the Second World War, much of the original interior furniture is no longer present.

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