(b. 1869, Milano, d. 1917, Milano)

Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori: façade

Via Campo dei Fiori 115, Varese

Sommaruga's major mature work was the eight-storey Grand Hotel Tre Croci and the attached funicular station (1908-12) at Campo de Fiori, all at the top of the Sacre Monte di Varese. Here the rubble stonework of the lower storeys merges into the hillside, and incredible wrought-iron sculptures crown the pylons of the funicular entrances.

The architectural complex of Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori is a magnificent example of Italian Liberty style nearby the city centre of Varese. The luxury hotel, easily reachable from the city centre, was equipped with all the comforts available in that historical period. Every part of this vast property, now closed, is decorated and enriched by the Liberty style typical of the Belle Époque that made Varese an important artistic and cultural centre. The originality of the structure, the furnishings and the perfect harmony with the surrounding natural context make recognizable the ingenuity and the style of architect Sommaruga.

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