STAZIO, Abbondio
(b. 1663, Massagno, d. 1757, Venezia)

Bedroom from the Sagredo Palace

c. 1718
Wood, stucco, marble, glass, 767 x 554 x 401 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Stucco work could in itself beautify a room, as demonstrated by Abbondio Stanzio in Palazzo Sagredo in Venice. The Sagredo family had rooms of their intimate mezzanine redecorated in 1718 after a fire. Assisted by his pupil Carpoforo Mazzetti Tencalla, the artist created for various rooms an ensemble of polychrome stucco that features exotic animals rendered practically life-size, along with birds, trophies, and arabesques. A brightly coloured greenish-blue cloth is draped all around.

The bedroom, consisting of an antechamber with a bed alcove, is displayed in the metropolitan Museum in New York. In design and workmanship, it is one of the finest of its period.

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