(b. 1612, Delft, d. 1656, Leiden)


Oil on oak panel, 26 x 37 cm
Private collection

Steenwijck painted vanitas still-lifes, still-lifes of fresh-water fish, game and barn interiors. His most compelling paintings are his still-lifes of fruit. These are usually kept very simple, with quinces, peaches and nuts (as here), sometimes with cherries or plums, composed in a sloping triangle and set on simple wooden ledges or table tops against a neutral background, nearly always lit obliquely from the upper left. No extraneous elements are permitted to disturb the calm (not even the insects ubiquitous in Dutch seventeenth-century still-life painting), and his colours are muted pinks, yellows and greens, and the tonal range limited, with a gentle blonde lighting, to which the artist paid special attention.

The present painting depicts a still-life of a quince, grapes, peaches, a walnut, and hazelnuts on a wooden ledge. It is signed lower left on the table: Hsteenwijck.

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