STUCK, Franz von
(b. 1863, Tettenweis, d. 1928, Tetschen)


Oil on panel, 46 x 36 cm
Museum Villa Stuck, Munich

After the turn of the century, Stuck's paintings showed much more controlled application of paint, and greater symmetry in composition, as in Pan (1908; Museum Georg Schäfer, Schweinfurt). Strong elements of eroticism and humour are also found in his later works, for example, in various versions of the theme Fighting for a Woman (e.g. 1905; The Hermitage, St. Petersburg) and in the scene of an infant faun's first music lesson, Dissonance (versions c. 1905-c. 1910; e.g. 1910; Museum Villa Stuck, Munich), a work also typical of this period in its use of bold, glowing colours.

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