SZÉKELY, Bertalan
(b. 1835, Kolozsvár, d. 1910, Budapest)

Women of Eger

Oil on canvas, 227 x 177 cm
Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

The Siege of Eger occurred during the 16th century Ottoman Wars in Europe. It was a major Hungarian victory after a series of crushing defeats at the hands of Ottoman forces.

The fortress of Eger was defended by 2,100-2,300 people, a mixture of professional soldiers, insurgent peasants and a few dozen women. The Ottomans had expected an easy victory, but the bravery of the castle's defenders resisted and repulsed repeated Ottoman assaults. After 39 days of bloody, brutal and intense fighting the Ottoman Army withdrew, beaten and humiliated. The defenders' losses amounted to about one third of their ranks.

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