TALPA, Bartolo
(active c. 1495 in Mantua)

Francesco II Gonzaga

c. 1495
Cast copper alloy, diameter 8 cm
Münzkabinett, Staatliche Museen, Berlin

The present medal is one of the two known medals by Talpa. On the obverse it depicts Francesco II Gonzaga (1466-1519), the son of Federigo I Gonzaga. Surrounded by large-scale, carefully balanced lettering in antiquarian style, the portrait, in relatively high relief, dominates the field of the medal with sharply defined truncation.

On the reverse, Francesco is named as the "Liberator of all Italy." It refers to the battle with King Charles VIII of France at the village of Fornovo, near Parma. In this battle Francesco led the army of an alliance, called the League of Venice. After the battle, Charles was forced to return to France.

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