(b. 1839, Bernau, d. 1924, Karlsruhe)

The Rheine near Säckingen

Oil on canvas, 64 x 113 cm
Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Thoma painted this panoramic view in 1873, during the time he was living in Frankfurt. This canvas marks a new period in his work, one in which he moved away from the allegorical and mythological themes that had previously taken up so much of his life. Thoma also moved to a much broader, freer form of expression than that dictated during his art school days in Düsseldorf. This new manner was inspired by a journey, in 1866, to Paris, where he also explored the achievements of the Barbizon school. This river view was one of the artist's favourites, and Thoma painted it at least seven times.

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