TIEPOLO, Giovanni Battista
(b. 1696, Venezia, d. 1770, Madrid)

The Sorceress Armida Spies on the Sleeping Rinaldo

Villa Valmarana ai Nani, Vicenza

This scene is on the wall of the room of Tasso. In this room the story of Rinaldo after Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata is depicted in four scenes: Rinaldo's Companions Hold the Magic Mirror up to His Face; The Sorceress Armida Spies on the Sleeping Rinaldo; Rinaldo and Armida in the Magic Garden; and Rinaldo Abandoning Armida.

In the first compartment, opposite the entrance door, the sleeping Rinaldo is abducted by the sorceress Armida, who transport him on her chariot to the Fortunate Isles.

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