(b. ca. 1285, Siena, d. ca. 1337, Napoli)

Monument of Cardinal Petroni

Duomo, Siena

In Siena Tino immediately received the important commission for the tomb of Cardinal Riccardo Petroni, who died in Genoa in 1314 and was buried in Siena Cathedral on 17 March 1317.

Standing on the tomb base, supported by massive consoles, are four figures carrying the sarcophagus, which is decorated with reliefs carved with the appearances of Christ after the Resurrection. Above the sarcophagus are two figures that hold open the curtains of a tent-like death chamber in which the effigy of the deceased lies on a bed. The death chamber is crowned by a tabernacle containing the Virgin and Child enthroned with Sts Peter and Paul. The use of a baldacchino to bind the various elements together was replaced by a looser arrangement in which the components of the tomb were more freely disposed, yet still formed a harmonious, rhythmic and well-proportioned composition.

The sculptures show a change in style compared to those on the tomb of Henry VII, the sarcophagus sculptures and the caryatid figures in particular indicating Tino's mastery of the Sienese formal vocabulary, characterized by a soft yet vigorous modelling, a serene composure in pose and bearing and by the rhythmic flow of the draperies. This change is to be explained less by a direct study of Sienese sculpture than by the decisive influence of Simone Martini.

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