Paintings in the Sala dell'Albergo (1564-67)

In 1564, Tintoretto decorated the ceiling of the Sala dell'Albergo with a central oval canvas, representing the Apotheosis of St Roch, surrounded by 16 allegories of various size: the Seasons (in the corners 4 rounds), the 5 allegories of the Scuole Grandi of Venice, and 7 Virtues and other female figures. On the largest wall of the room he finished the huge Crucifixion in 1565, then for the other walls, in 1566-67 he painted three more canvases related to the Passion of Christ (Christ before Pilate, Ecce Homo, Christ Carrying the Cross). Two figures of prophets were added to the decoration by Tintoretto's workshop.

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View of the Sala dell'Albergo
Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice

The Sala dell'Albergo
Oil on canvas
Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice

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