TIZIANO Vecellio
(b. 1490, Pieve di Cadore, d. 1576, Venezia)

Doge Antonio Grimani Kneeling Before the Faith

Oil on canvas, 365 x 500 cm
Palazzo Ducale, Venice

This painting is in the Sala delle Quattro Porte in the Palazzo Ducale.

Though the painting was commissioned as early as 1555, it was not completed by the time Titian died. It is not only a votive picture for Doge Antonio Grimani (1436—1523), who is shown kneeling in front of a personification of the Faith, but is also a complex allegory of Venice. In the background the silhouette of the city is visible, and in the foreground St Mark, the patron saint of Venice, appears opposite the Doge. Most of the work was probably carried out by his workshop.

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