(b. 1864, Albi, d. 1901, Château Malromé, Langon)

Private Room in the "Le rat mort"

Oil on canvas, 55 x 46 cm
Courtauld Gallery, London

This painting was made after Lautrec spent some time in a sanatorium to cure a complete mental breakdown and alcohol poisoning. He subsequently recuperated in the provinces, where he recovered rapidly and even abstained for a while. But as soon as he returned to Paris and met his old drinking companions, he began to drink once more.

The woman represented in the painting is Lucy Jourdan, a well-known figure in the demi-monde, taking an intimate supper with a companion in the fashionable Rat Mort restaurant, Rue Pigalle. It is said that the painting was commissioned by her lover, who is perhaps the person next to her.

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