TREMIGNON, Alessandro
(b. 1635, Padova, d. 1711, Venezia)

San Moisè: Façade

Campo San Moisè, Venice

The façade of San Moisè was erected according to a design by Alessandro Tremignon and decorated at the expense of Girolamo Fini, who in 1668 had obtained permission from the chapter to embellish the façade, reserved for him and his heirs, in honour of God and in memory of his brother Vincenzo, procurator of San Marco. In the funeral monument, the bust of Vincenzo in the centre is flanked by those of to other family members, whose virtue is alluded to in several other allegories, and a group of saints decorates the upper part of the façade. The funeral monument is the work of the sculptor Heinrich Meyring.

The façade of San Moisè is a turning point on account of its inversion of the value of architecture and sculpture. Sculpture is no longer subordinate to architecture, but integrated into it in a free relationship.

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