(b. 1528, Verona, d. 1588, Venezia)

The Triumph of Mordecai

Oil on canvas, 500 x 370 cm
San Sebastiano, Venice

The picture shows one of the three large paintings on the ceiling of the nave of the church of San Sebastiano: Esther Crowned by Ahasuerus (rectangular, in the centre), The Triumph of Mordecai (oval), and The Banishment of Vashti (oval).

This ceiling painting above the entrance to the presbytery illustrating Mordecai's triumph over the conspirator Haman represents a dramatic climax. With Haman and his black steed about to fall, Mordecai, with the insignia of royalty, triumphs on his white horse.

Haman has tried in vain to get the king to execute Mordecai, but is instead instructed to take Mordecai in state round the city on horseback. Esther and Ahasuerus watch the triumphal procession from the roof terrace of the royal palace.

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