VITTONE, Bernardo Antonio
(b. 1702, Torino, d. 1770, Torino)

Interior view

Cappella della Visitazione, Vallinotto

In the interior of the church, all the characteristic features of Vittone's style are assembled. The plan consists of a regular hexagon with six segmental chapels of equal width spanned by six equal arches. But the treatment of the chapels varies, for open chapels alternate with others into which convex coretti have been placed.

The glory of this little church is its dome. Following Guarini, Vittone formed its first diaphanous shell of intersecting ribs. Through the large hexagonal opening appear three more vaults, one above the other: two solid ones with circular openings, diminishing in size, and, capping them, the hemisphere of the lantern.

The photo shows the view into the dome.

View the section and plan of the Cappella della Visitazione, Vallinotto (engraving).

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