VORONIKHIN, Andrey Nikiforovich
(b. 1759, Perm, d. 1814, St. Petersburg)

Exterior view

Cathedral of the Virgin of Kazan, St. Petersburg

From 1800 Voronikhin taught at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, and won the competition for the design of the Cathedral of the Virgin of Kazan. The exterior of the building is in an 18th-century style, but the architect was able to conceive a new design which integrated the cathedral into an urban ensemble, placing it in the context of surrounding streets and squares. In accordance with the wishes of Paul I, the building was provided with a colonnade in imitation of St. Peter's in Rome. In front of the north façade Voronikhin built a broad, arched colonnade of 96 fluted Corinthian columns in four rows, which form a great square and conceal the actual church itself. Thus the side façade takes on the function of the building's main frontage, an effect completed in the vertical plane by the monumental dome over the crossing. A second colonnade (on the southern side) as well as a square on the western side were never completed.

The photo shows the north façade of the church.

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