ZELOTTI, Givanni Battista
(b. 1526, Verona, d. 1578, Mantova)

Wall in the Central Hall

Villa Emo Capodilista, Fanzolo di Vedelago

In the sixteenth century a large number of fresco decorations was based on well-known literary works of antiquity. In addition to Ovid's Metamorphoses, the Latin and Greek works that frequently provided inspiration for mural paintings included Virgil's Aeneid, Livy's Roman history with depictions of Roman virtues, Plutarch's Lives, Valerius Maximus's Dicta and facta memorabilia, and Apuleius's Golden Ass.

The scene representing The Continence of Scipio in the Central Hall (Salone)is based on Valerius Maximus's Dicta and facta memorabilia. The Villa Emo at Fanzolo was built by Palladio in the late 1550s.

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