(active around 340 in Rome)

Sarcophagus of 'Chaste Susanna'

c. 340
Sant Feliu, Girona

Sant Feliu (Saint Felix) was Girona's first cathedral until the 10th century. It is a Gothic building with Romanesque chevet was completed with Gothic naves and a Baroque façade. The church houses some remarkable works of art, such as the eight pagan and early Christian sarcophagi (4th century).

In the choir of Sant Feliu eight front panels of sarcophagi from the Roman period have been set into the walls. One from the 4th century is known as the 'Chaste Susanna' and it tells the story of Susanna, the wife of Joachim. It is derived from the Book of the Prophet Daniel. On the sarcophagus, from right to left, the scenes show Susanna walking in her garden when she is approached by two men; she refuses their sexual advances, so they take her before a judge and they accuse her adultery.. The judge sentences her to death by stoning. She prays for God's help and Daniel proves her innocence; she is freed and her accusers are sentenced to death.

It is assumed that the sarcophagus was produced in Rome and was sent to Spain.

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