(active 1sr quarter of 13th century in Paris)

Latin Psalter of Louis IX and Blanche of Castile

Manuscript (Ms. lat. 1186), 280 x 200 mm
Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, Paris

This is a page (folio 24r) from the so-called Psalter of Blanche of Castile representing the Crucifixion and Deposition. This psalter - according to a fourteenth-century tradition - belonged to Blanche of Castile (died 1252), the mother of Louis IX. It is a richly decorated book with illustrations arranged in roundels. This idea almost certainly derives from stained glass. Since the glazier was a specialized sort of painter, it is not surprising to find the two professions overlapping. Stained glass frequently mirrors the style of manuscript painting; and here the illuminator seems to be adapting to a page layout an idea taken over from the glazier.

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