(active end of 13th century)

Rolando da Parma: Chirurgia

Manuscript (Ms. 1382)
Biblioteca Casanatense, Rome

The manuscript contains the complete text of the Chirurgia (Surgery) of Rolando da Parma. It is followed by other medical texts. Rolando da Parma lived in Bologna in the first half of the thirteenth century. His work became the basis of surgical teaching at the Medical School of Salerno, the oldest medieval institution in Europe for the teaching and practice of medicine. The miniatures in this manuscript form one of the oldest known examples of scientific illustration.

The miniature on folio 2 represents a series of figures with Hippocrates examining urine presented by an assistant in the presence of the patient; Hippocrates again, teaching a pupil to forge cauteries; and others illustrating the application of various cauteries.

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