(active around 1410 in Paris)

Pierre Salmon: Réponses à Charles VI et Lamentation au Roi sur son état

c. 1410
Manuscript (Ms. français 23279), 280 x 205 mm
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

The English translation of the full title of the manuscript: "The demands made by King Charles VI on his state and government, with a response by Pierre Le Fruitier."

In 1409 the, otherwise unknown, author Pierre Salmon wrote a political treatise discussing the state of Charles VI of France's government. The manuscript in Paris, commissioned by Charles VI (reigned 1380-1422), contains this text written in the form of a dialog between the ailing king and his counselors. Around three years later, the author republished the treatise with some amendments and omissions. This manuscript is kept in Geneva.

Both manuscripts are richly embellished with illuminations, historiated initials, and decorative marginal illustrations. These were painted in the workshop of the Boucicaut Master.

The miniature on folio 53r is a dedication picture. In the top left-hand side of this richly graduated scene of the royal palace in Paris, King Charles VI sits on his throne. The author Pierre Salmon kneels before his lord, and presents him with the preciously bound codex commissioned by the King.

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