(active 1400-1410 in England)

The Beaufort Book of Hours

Manuscript (Royal Ms. 2 A XVIII), 215 x 15 mm
British Library, London

The manuscript was named after Margaret Beauchamp, the wife of John Beaufort, first Duke of Somerset, as the commissioning client and owner of the manuscript. The bulk of the book, folios 25 to 241, is made up of a Book of Hours completed around 1440. Folios 3 to 24, which form the introduction, are older. These belong to the first decade of the 15th century, and their pictures exhibit the courtly and refined International Gothic style of the period. These leaves have been taken out of a psalter, which is now in Rennes. The illustration of this first part comprises 12 full-page miniatures depicting individual saints painted by a Flemish artist and a miniature of the Annunciation painted by Hermann Scheere.

On folio 7v St John of Bridlington faces the viewer from his throne. The English saint died of the plague in 1379, and was canonised in 1401.

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