(active 1180s in Monreale)

Nave, centre aisle, west wall

Cathedral, Monreale

The mosaic decoration continues in the nave. Here the primary source was the book of Genesis, the depiction of which encompasses forty-two scenes in two registers, accompanied by a frieze of angels, across the walls of the centre aisle. The narrative extends from the Creation to Jacob's wrestling with the angel, and it begins on the south wall next to the crossing. Another major picture cycle presents Christ's miracles, from the healing of the daughter of the woman of Canaan to that of the centurion's servant, and fills the walls of the side aisles.

There are definite stylistic parallels between the Old Testament scenes in Monreale and those in the Cappella Palatina, though the Monreale cycle is more extensive and differs from the earlier mosaics in a number of individual motifs.

The picture shows the west wall of the centre aisle of the nave. The represented scenes are: creation of Eve, God bringing Adam and Eve together; Lot shelters the two angels; Sts Castus and Cassius before the Roman prefect, destruction of Sodom; martyrdom of Sts Castus and Cassius, Madonna and Child, miracles of St Castrensis.

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