(active 1580s)

Wineglass with the Arms of Delft

c. 1685
Clear glass with diamond-point engraving, height 16 cm
Private collection

This diamond engraved goblet is engraved with the arms of Delft, surmounted by a crown and flanked by rampant lions. Glasses of this and related types were made in the Spanish Netherlands from the late sixteenth century onward, following Venetian examples. By about 1600 the industry was well established in Holland. The technique of diamond-point engraving is also Venetian, it became popular in the Dutch Republic during the early seventeenth century and remained so throughout the Golden Age.

Although this goblet was produced in Delft, the city was not a centre of glass manufacture as were Antwerp, Amsterdam, Middelburg, and other Netherlandish cities.

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