ARCHITECT, Visigothic
(active 8th century in Burgos)

Exterior view

8th century
Santa Maria, Quintanilla de las Viñas (Burgos)

Several churches in northern Spain, possibly of the 8th century, might be considered Visigothic. The most interesting is the partial ruin of Santa Maria at Quintanilla de las Viñas near Burgos. The transept and square sanctuary of the church still stand, but the nave and the rest of the building are gone. It now has a timber truss roof. The stone is grey–blue with streaks of dark orange.

Inside are several pieces of relief carving, each with representations of Christ, the Virgin Mary, or angels and the sun. Some of these marble slabs serve as impost blocks for the columns and capitals of the east wall. On the exterior of the east end are two carved string courses, carrying motifs that are traditional in an Early Christian sense, clearly recognizable and, though flatly carved, still reminiscent of vine trails and clusters. Decorative interlace is almost absent from Visigothic art in contrast to its great popularity in the rest of Europe.

View the ground plan of the building.

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